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The Unknown Land


My Story.

I'm an author, speaker, warrior leader and brand coach for visionaries and entrepreneurs. I help women overcome life challenges by discovering their best-self through their source, their power, their story. 

Since leaving the corporate world to empower others, I have helped compassionate clients develop their; confidence, best-self, leadership qualities, best brand, industry recognition, and their online presence that enables them to transform thousands of individuals.

With over 25 years of sales and marketing experience, along with an outstanding business mindset owning several businesses myself, I have worked with national brands and start-ups, corporate and non-profit, and now I focus on the givers and healers of the world. I primarily work with entrepreneurs that want to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Therapists, psychologists, artists, educators, and other big-hearted individuals that give back to humanity through their skillset and expertise. 

I live my life transparency and tenacity, and I help other women do the same. Sharing your story not only leads to a sounder brand, it helps you develop a deeper connections in all relationships, let me show you how.  
Learn how starting at the center, your source, your story, will clarify what emerges at the edges, your highest potential and optimum self, both professionally and personally.

I’ve had the privilege of coaching strong & fierce female entrepreneurs toward stronger brands, more confidence and clarity in their vision. I’ve helped them communicate more clearly, with compassion and lead with intention.
I want to do the same for you.

'm also a published author of a self-help memoir; A Warrior’s Ride to Shine: A guide to awaken your inner strength on a bicycle and the CEO of Female Warrior Co., a national women’s enterprise that creates mindful workplaces shaped by a culture that communicates with empathy, encouragement and compassion.


When I’m not consulting, designing, writing, presenting or motivationally speaking, I'm traveling across North America meeting, connecting, and empowering others through the researched-based power of storytelling...with my bicycle of course.


Sonia Turner, Business Development 

Since working with Camilla we have truly become soul sisters. Her assistance, advice and expertise is wonderful. I have learned so much from her, from branding to communication. She is weaved into my personal and professional life.


Beth Foster, Forest Bathing Therapy

I had the pleasure to benefit from Camilla’s expertise, experience and awareness of my needs and next steps. She guided me, with finesse and humor, in a sensible sequence of suggestions, and hands-on guidance, focussing questions to understand my business, its direction and its specific needs for future growth. If you wish your business to grow, I do not hesitate to recommend Camilla for your marketing needs.

why the bicycle

What's with the bicycle you ask?

The bicycle is a metaphoric and literal tool to empowerment.

Women have had very strong ties with the bicycle since its inception. For women in the 1880’s – 90’s the bicycle was a form of independence, which helped lead to the emancipation of women and the start of true female empowerment.

Imprisoned by their stiff corsets and heavy skirts, the bicycle not only changed women’s wardrobe, it was their vessel to freedom. This liberation came in many forms, the bicycle provided social coercion and cultivated independence.

My bike was …and still is a huge part of my journey, it has helped me through many struggles.

Riding a bicycle puts you in a childlike state of peace where everything feels right and connected, a state of ultimate consciousness.

With a bicycle you control your speed, YOU are the power to react, or not react to situations, a therapeutic ride that processes obstacles, bringing clarity and objectivity to your frustrations. 

Great reads on  Women's History of the Bicycle , Wheels of Change


"I think the bicycle has done more to emancipate women than any one thing in the world. I rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a bike. It gives her a feeling of self-reliance and independence the moment she takes her seat; and away she goes, the picture of untrammeled womanhood."

-American civil rights leader, Susan B Anthony, 1896

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