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Are you an 'Ego' or 'Eco' leader?

For organizations, and leaders, looking to facilitate greater coherence, collaboration, and cohesiveness through relational connection.

Applying an ‘Eco-System’ approach that focuses on cooperation over competition, consensus over control, teamwork over hierarchy. 

Many businesses suffer from high employee turnover, job dissatisfaction, low productivity, high stress, job burnout, and more. These problems are usually caused by broken communication that leads to conflict which stifles growth in any organization.

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I work with organizations to develop an intentional and effective plan to integrate practical processes that will improve cooperation, deepen creative growth, prevent relational conflict, AND decrease employee turnover while increasing customer service

A 3-spoke science-based process (my bicycle reference - find out why here) powered by relational intelligence, an awareness-based intuitive leadership training and relational communication strategy that can be applied to all facets of your business. A combination of relationship coaching and brain science that effectively creates a safe social container for all conversations, in house and at the counter. 

As essential as the air we breathe, so are these 3 C's; curiosity, compassion, and courage. I help businesses and leaders understand these traits, develop and infuse them into their current structure to create thriving ecosystems. I can help:

·      Diagnose and address sources of conflict and dysfunction

·      Create the trust, safety, and inclusion that people need to work well together

·      Develop more effective communication skills, with individuals and groups

·      Balance the intelligence of the brain with that of the heart and will

·      Unleash the imagination to solve problems in new and effective ways

·      Build the workplace conditions for healthy risk-taking, innovation and creativity

·      Assess power disparities in the workplace and facilitate new practices to support change

·      Coach leaders to leverage the knowledge and assets of their entire team

·      Build awareness that turns conflict into curiosity, compassion and courage



Together we will develop a customized approach, process and program to suit your needs. Your organizational performance and the quality of relationships in your business, and at home, will improve with these skills and tools. 

Let's connect to start the discovery conversation.

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