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Camilla would love to speak at your next Event!

Choose from a collection of subjects, customized to your female audience. 

Attendees will walk away, empowered, connected and with a ‘bike-basket’ full of knowledge and clarity.


"Having the courage to be authentically YOU is freeing! More than freeing, it is rewarding. Yes, there are risks, but I guarantee you the rewards FAR out way the risks." 

- Camilla

Camilla conquered a journey from darkness to light, a few times over, and is now stronger and successful because of it.  She has accumulated personal wisdom, along with proven theories, and scientific-based practices that have worked for her and every woman she meets. Camilla lives her life with courage and transparency, and she empowers other women to do the same. 


Living a life of transparency and tenacity helps overcome life challenges by discovering your best-self through your source and your power and it leads to confidence and clarity in your path. 


It is with a genuine, transparent, and humorous mindset that Camilla approaches all her public speaking engagements and workshops. 

 Popular Female-Focused Talks

The Need for Relationships/Connection

A relationship can be a connection, or a disconnection, with yourself, another person, or with a situation. Discover an awareness and understanding of how all relationships enter our lives to teach and heal us. A powerful witness of relationship patterns, Camilla authentically reveals her relationship struggles, both professionally and personally, exposing the difficult and essential need our relationships have on our desire to live a happy and joyous life. In this talk, she connects with the audience through her personal stories, and the practical process she has developed that helps women visualize their path, stop negative repeated patterns, thrive in all relational connections, and learn to self-love with acceptance. Camilla will help you discover where you want to be and how to overcome the obstacles to get you there.


Women Transforming their Workplace

Compassion in the workplace can exist. Women’s ability to connect, build trust, manage conflict, and communicate effectively are more important now than ever. Bullying and marginalization to women, by women, still exist in the workplace today. It has not declined over the years, even with all the female empowerment movements, there is still a need for support and awareness. 
Women balance two sets of opposing needs in the workplace: the desire for transparency and vulnerability, and the need to be valued, appreciated, and heard. Courage as a collaborative mindset can move mountains.
From corporate to non-profit, Camilla has overcome marginalization and is on a pursuit to transform the workplace for women through compassion. The audience will discover how to cultivate an empathetic culture in the workplace, ways to navigate difficult conversations and conflicting personalities, with an overarching realization that compassion can co-exist within established processes and parameters of an existing structure. Female leaders are the key. Camilla empowers current leaders and assists the emerging of new ones with her knowledge, insights, and mindful outlook.​

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