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My Book.

I've learned to overcome my own self-doubt and struggles, both professionally and personally, my story shares my insights and tools on how I strengthened my inner warrior and rebuilt my confidence.

Discover a simple but powerful process to help you stop those self-doubts and steer your basket on a new course in your life where you shine to your fullest potential.​

No edgy dialogue, no curse words, no tough facade, just a free-spirited mindset to warrior strength. Being carefree has never been so effective!

Through humorous and heart-wrenching adventures, my inspiring memoir is packed full of self-help takeaways to conquer your fears and self-doubt, both at home and in your career, and regain your control and power. With your hands firmly on the handlebars, you’ll become the energy that propels your life forward so you can achieve your greatest goals and shine bright.

Brush off your bike seat, push through those inhibitions, and discover a childlike joy that will help you pedal on a new path to harness your strength, build your confidence, and awaken your inner warrior.




I have taken a lot away from this book and have applied a lot of it to my life. I try to be more encouraging to the women surrounding me and more inclusive as well. I agree with Camilla that we as women need to support one another so much more than we do. We need to rally around one another and inspire one another, there is enough success to go around for all of us.

I am a lover of self help books and love Gretchen Rubin and Regina Brett. I found myself comparing this book to both of those authors which was thrilling for me! I can’t wait to see what Camilla writes next and I can’t wait to suggest this book to my friends.

Amanda Woodruff - The Girly Book Club

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I am a proud cyclist myself, so the fact that someone has written a book about how to “awaken your inner strength on a bicycle” immediately excited me. I am glad to say that Patten has more than met my expectations. The tone of A Warrior’s Ride to Shine is lively, but its message is of the most serious kind, especially in a world that is still dominated by men. Patten tells her personal story with humor and heartfelt emotion. She has drawn an excellent picture of the difficulties she had to overcome and of the way she reacted to them. As she speaks from the heart, her example is helpful for every woman who wants to achieve something beautiful in her life. I appreciate the continuous encouragement Patten gives to her readers. Through her energetic and optimistic words, she will inspire women to pursue what is best for them in life.

Astrid Iustulin - Readers' Favorite

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